HS8151-Communicative English
MA8151-Engineering Mathematics-I
PH8151-Engineering Physics
CY8151-Engineering Chemistry
GE8151-Problem Solving and Python Programming
GE8152-Engineering Graphics PRACTICALS
GE8161-Problem Solving and Python Programming Laboratory
BS8161-Physics and Chemistry Laboratory
MA8251- Engineering Mathematics - II
PH8251- Materials Science
BE8253- Basic Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
HS8251- Technical English
GE8291- Environmental Science and Engineering
GE8292- Engineering Mechanics PRACTICALS
GE8261- Engineering Practices Laboratory
BE8261- Basic Electrical Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Laboratory



MA8353- Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
ME8392- Manufacturing Technology
AE8301- Aero Engineering Thermodynamics
CE8394- Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
CE8395- Strength of Materials for Mechanical Engineers
AE8302- Elements of Aeronautical Engineering
CE8381- Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory
AE8311- Thermodynamics Laboratory
HS8381- Interpersonal Skills/Listening & Speaking
MA8491- Numerical Methods
AE8401- Aerodynamics - I
AE8402- Aircraft Systems and Instruments
PR8451- Mechanics of Machines
AE8403- Aircraft Structures - I
AE8404-Propulsion - I
ME8381- Computer Aided Machine Drawing
AE8411- Aerodynamics Laboratory



AE8501- Flight Dynamics
AE8502- Aircraft Structures-II
AE8503- Aerodynamics-II
AE8504- Propulsion-II
AE8505- Control Engineering Open Elective-I
AE8511- Aircraft Structures Laboratory
AE8512- Propulsion Laboratory
HS8581- Professional Communication
AE8601- Finite Element Methods
AE8602- Experimental Aerodynamics
AE8603- Composite Materials and Structures
AE8604- Aircraft Design
AE8605- Experimental Stress Analysis
Professional Elective – I
AE8611- Aero Engine and Airframe Laboratory
AE8612- Computer Aided Simulation Laboratory
AE8613- Aircraft Design Project - I



GE8077- Total Quality Management
AE8751- Avionics
ME8093- Computational Fluid Dynamics
Open Elective - II
Professional Elective – II
Professional Elective – III
AE8711- Aircraft Systems Laboratory
AE8712- Flight Integration Systems and Control Laboratory
AE8713- Aircraft Design Project - II
Professional Elective – IV
Professional Elective – V
AE8811- Project Work

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