Transformative Students Pioneer Project

Interdisciplinary research is an important/essential backbone for more innovative solutions for all problems in society. It is a perfect entry to make the good team effort common in all areas of industries and other problems in daily life. Without the interdisciplinary team effort of researchers from various disciplines, many of the important today’s innovations/ discoveries may not be possible. To achieve more innovations/discoveries to society through transform the knowledge of student pioneers from various disciplines, GKMCET promotes/motivates more interdisciplinary research through Transforming Pioneer Project.

Interdisciplinary Project Work at GKMCET
S.No Title of the Project Name of the Students
1 Bio-Electricity (Electricity generation from Kitchen Waste) Ms. Pooja- I BIO
Ms. Soundarya Lakshmi – I BIO
Mr. S. Pradeep Sharma – I AUTO
Mr. K. Vignesh- - I AUTO
Mr. J. Akesh – I AUTO
Mr. S. Solai Raj- I MECH
Mr. Mujeepur Rahman – I MECH
2 Solar Street Light Mr. N. Mahesh Kumar – III EEE
Mr. E. Saravanan – III EEE
Mr. A. Prem – III CIVIL
Mr. B. Prem Kumar – III CIVIL
Mr. Prasanth – III MECH
Mr. Vel murugan – III MECH
Mr. A. Andruraj- III ECE
Mr. P. Aravind Kumar – III ECE
3 E-Proc (Electronic Proctorial System) Mr. M. Shanmugam – III IT
Ms. B. Pavithra – III IT
Ms. M. Pradeepa – II IT
Mr. N.A. Derin – III IT
Mr. L. Subramanian – III CSE
Mr. A. Vignesh – III CSE
Mr. S. Shriram – III CSE
Ms. S. Cyojini Devi – III CSE
Ms. S. Kiruthika – III CSE
4 GKMCET PROMPT N. Sathyanarayan-II CSE
R. Sudarsan-II CSE
S. Sankar Narayanan – II CSE
5 Solar Water Pump Mr. Gopalakrishnan – IV EEE
Mr. Thirumurugan – IV EEE
Mr. Nelson – IV MECH
Mr. Paneerselvam – IV MECH
Mr. Mugundan – IV MECH
Mr. Varadarajan – III MECH
Mr. Jayabushan – III MECH
6 Bio gas Digester with Multi blade Crusher Mr. Prabhu Sreenivasan and Mr. Divagar- IV MECH
S.No Departments Project Team Project Title Panel Member Date Time
1 ECE Nazeer Akram.A
Sathis Kumar.M
Mohana Sundri.K
Digital Display System Mr.N.Umapathi 27 Sep 2017 11.00am
2 MECH Jennil Syllvester.E
D.Ernest Richardson
Sai Krishnan.G
Vishnu Prasad.P
E-Car Using Switched
Reluctance Motor Drive
Mr.Ravi Kumar 27 Sep 2017 11.30am
3 EEE Ramprasanth.S
Manoj Kumar.N
Sankara Subramaniam.K
Solar Panel with Maximum Power tracking Mrs.X.Mercilin Raajini 27 Sep 2017 12.00pm
4 CIVIL Baghavathi Raj
Venkatesh kumar
Planning and Design of Stormwater Management System and Aesthetic Enhancement of GKM Campus Mr.D.Ashok Kumar 27 Sep 2017 12.30pm
5 CIVIL Suresh.E
Landscaping of GKM Campus Lawn by using Natural Landscaping Techniques Mr.D.Ashok Kumar 27 Sep 2017 1.00pm

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