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Research and Development cell is an integral part of the activities of GKM College of Engineering and Technology. The Institute conducts research investigations within its academic programmes under all the departments and the Academic Research Centers.

This cell is one of the wings of the Institute which facilitates, channelizes, records, and regulates all the academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the Institute.

The objective of the Research Cell varies from the advancement of theoretical knowledge to development of New technology to solve practical problems.

The research conducted till now has covered areas such as theoretical and applied aspects of core science (physics, chemistry and mathematics), information and communication technology, electronics, electrical, artificial intelligence, material science, thermal sciences, machine design, manufacturing, product design, management, social sciences etc. The research projects have also acted as the training ground for the young post-graduates of our college.

Sponsored Research & Development GKMCET thrives to be at the frontline of research in the specialized areas of its departments and centers in addition to excelling in its academic services.

It has been receiving increasing number of sponsored R&D projects from Govt. of India departments and agencies, national and multinational corporations, and international research centers and also delivering findings to the satisfaction of the sponsors. Grants received under these projects have helped to strengthen further the infrastructure of the Institute.

As a spin-off, a large number of youths have been trained in research through engagement in temporary research positions in these projects. Sponsored research in the Institute has contributed in terms of development in knowledge and technology. It has also helped to bring the academia closer to industry.

In addition, it has added to the infrastructure of the Institute through acquisition of modern equipments for the research projects.

Collaborative Research Projects GKMCET has participated in collaborative research with some renowned universities, research organizations and Industries. This has increased interactions among various research groups and helped in spread of innovative ideas in research.


Our college is one of the Premier Institutions in Tamilnadu for Engineering and Technology pioneering in education for the past 20 years . The college has accreditation in ISO 9001 , NBA and NAAC, indicating the focus in the fields of education , research and development and related areas .

The college offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in various fields of engineering and technology , management and commerce .

Research and development is one of the core activities of the college . The Vision of R&D is to become the best in class institute in academic R&D education. This is supported by the Mission to bring in research focus in the curriculum and inculcate research culture among the students to enable them to work on Innovative projects.

The research activities in the college are in many areas :

1. Doctoral research : We have the following departments which are approved for doctoral research by Anna University :

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Computer science and engineering
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

These departments have research scholars working for Ph.D and one research scholar in physics has submitted synopsis for doctoral degree in September .

2. Projects : Projects are the vehicles for creativity and innovation for the students . To support this initiative ,various departments conduct projects in diversified fields as below :


  • Thermal
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechatronics / Robotics

Bio medical

  • Nanotechnology
  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Biomaterials
  • Diagnostic&therapautic equipments
  • Biometrics


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Avionics/Control Engineering
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Electrical and electronics engineering

  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Embedded Systems & Communication
  • Control & Instrumentation
  • Renewable Energy

Computer Science engineering

  • Mobile(android) application development

The objectives of the projects are for the students to understand the subject better and apply the learning to practical issues .

3. Development events : To support student development and encourage innovative projects we organise a number of events like invited lectures on special topics , seminars ,training programs etc . Following are the list of events conducted this year :

  1. Unleash 2016 ( Mar 11) – This is a Project Expo type of event where students present their projects . The objective is for the students to come up with innovative ideas and present them . The best projects are awarded prizes .
  2. Talk on entrepreneurship – Speaker : Vikram , Owner of a bakery chain ( 28 July ). The objective of the talk is to encourage students to become entrepreneurs . The speaker is a second generation entrepreneur who shared his experiences and the benefits of entrepreneurship
  3. Ukranthi – 2017 ( August) – This is an inter- collegiate event conducted by ECE department to update in the field of robotics .
  4. Biotronix – 2016 ( August ) : This was a two day workshop conducted by Biomedical department to gain hands on experience on biomedical equipment .
  5. Entrepreneurial development program by MSME /TFSC ( September) – This Government supported program was conducted at our campus to increase awareness on entrepreneurship. It was a 3 day training program followed by an industrial visit . Nearly 75 students participated and benefited
  6. Guest lecture by Prof. Srinivasan , Retired director of CAD center , Anna University on vibration in machines ( September). It was a useful talk for students and research scholars in mechanical engineering and physics
  7. Cyber security awareness camp ( Oct) : The objective of this is to increase the awareness of cyber security among students . The guest speaker was Amar Prasad Reddy , Director General of National cyber security organisation . This was organised by CSE department

4. Professional membership :As an ongoing process to upgrade the skills and for better recognition we have a number of Professional memberships as below :

  1. Computer society of India
  2. Biomedical engineering society of India
  3. Society of automotive engineers
  4. Confederation of Indian industry
  5. Indian concrete institute
  6. Indian Society for technical education
  7. Institution of electronics and telecommunication engineers
  8. Solar energy society of India
  9. Indian science congress association
  10. Energy and fuel users association
  11. Association of computing machinery
  12. Robotic society of India
  13. National cyber security
  14. Association of scientific developers and faculties
  15. Institute of engineers
  16. 5. Monthly Newsletter : Any activity requires proper communication to increase the awareness . To this effect we have a monthly R&D news letter highlighting the major national and global R&D focus areas and the ongoing projects at our campus . Every month one department research activities are highlighted . Below are the synopsis of the 3 news letters published so far :

    Newsletter-I (Issued on July, volume 1)

    vision and mission of R&D department-Researches by faculties of mechanical department-current researches on mechanical department in international and domestic- supports and events conducted by R&D dept

    Newsletter-II (Issued on August, Volume 2)

    Interview report of CEO-Researches in bio medical-events conducted by the department-Activities of bio-medical department-Aeronautical SIG current report-Upcoming events.

    Newsletter-III (Issued on September, Volume 3)

    Project focusing areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering- Research & development benefits- List of projects completed by ECE students- List of industrial visits- Recent researches in international and links- Events conducted in the month of September- Recent activities and upcoming event

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