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GKMCET Innovation Hub is a place at which GKMCET students exhibits their excellence through make an Innovative products for the benefit of Nation and making the world to use the product that are ‘Made in India’.

Make in INDIA
Student’s Innovative Project / Interdisciplinary
S.No Name of the Student Department Title of the project
1.Mr. Praveen Kumar and Mr. Saravanan Mechanical Engineering – IV YearAcoustic / Sound Proof Tiles
2.Mr. Ramakrishnan and Mr. Sugnath Mechanical Engineering – III YearMulti Bolt Remover for Four Wheeler
3.Mr. Mukundan.D
Mr. Murali Krishnan.S
Mr. Prem Kumar.B
Mechanical Engineering – IV YearGeneration of Power with the help of Sea waves by using Swinging Mechanism
4.Mr.R.Santhosh Babu
Mr.P.Sashi Kumar
Mechanical Engineering – II YearPersonnel Safety Dress For Workers From Dust Of The Stone Crushers
5.Arun Pandian . V.P (IV Year)
Vengadesh .N(IV Year)
IV EEESmart Blackboard Eraser Using Embedded System
6.Yonden Lama(IV Year) Hemant Kumar Tyagi IV EEESecured Video Conferencing Using Matrix Based Binary Encoded (Mbbe) Technique Over Surveillance System
7.G. Sangeetha Barath
S. Muthu
IV EEEPower Theft Prevention in Distributed System using Smart Devices
8.Vishnu Maya Rajassekar IV ECE
Rear End Collision Warning In Sharp Ends
9.Mr. Paveek Azhagan. A ECE (Communication System)Generation of base band signal (Digital Bits) in the receiver section based on received pulse
10.Mr. Asghar Khaled
Mr. S. Balaji
II CSEColour QR Code
11.Mr. S. Pradeep Sharma I AutomobileCar Cell phone Charger from Engine waste Heat Recovery System
12.Ms. Cassandra Carina
Ms. P. Divya
Ms. P. Priya
IV CIVILStudy on Cement replaced with Oyster Shell Powder in Concrete
(III MECH)Peltier Helmet Cooling
14.Mr. Shyam SV
Mr. Sriram. A
Mechanical Engineering – II YearMotor-Generator Couple With Relay
Proposal Submitted to TNSCST
S.No Name Register Number Title Departments
1 S. Suguna 410813479005 An Optimized Image Embedding In Color or CodesME- Digital Signal Processing
2 S. Sandhya 410813479004Design And Implementation Of Truncated Multiplier in Fir Filter Based on Tree ReductionME- Digital Signal Processing
3 A. Paveek Azhagan 410813403009 Generation of Base Band Signal (Digital Bits) In The Receiver SectionME- Communication Systems
4 Mareeswari.P 410813523003 Bio-Synthesis of Cdse And Cdte Quantum Dots Using Fungus Rhizopus StoloniferME- Nano Science and Technology
5 J.C. Gnana Sekaran 410813403006 A Novel Based Approach To Model 4g Network And To Implement In Real Time Using Dsp InterfaceME- Communication Systems
6 R.S. Deepak Ram 410813403004 Patient Health Care Monitoring System Using Radio Data System (Rds)ME- Communication Systems
7 A. Sathishkumar 410811106087 Telephonic Voting Machine (TEVOM)B.E- Electronics AndCommunication
8 P. Nivethitha 410813479003 Real Time Transmission of Anfis Method for Identifying Stiction in Control valve Using DSK (tms320C6416)BE- Civil engineering
9 K.Rajasekaran, S.Dhamodaran, S.Gautam Swaminath Increasing Road Safety In The Chitlapakkam Varadharaja Theater Main Road JuctionME- Digital Signal Processing
10 Mr. S. Karunagaran Molecular modeling, molecular docking and molecular dynamics approaches to find the small molecule dual inhibitors for the specific targetsResearch Scholar- Physics

Award Title Name of the Students Guided By Departments Batch
First Prize Multiaccount Embedded ATM Card N.Godwin Rose Samuel
Dr.N.B.Geetha Mechanical Engineering 2012-2017
First Prize Production of fuel from Polythene Bags R.Sakthivel
Dr.V.Edwin Geo Mechanical Engineering 2012-2017
First Prize Multiaccount Embedded ATM Card N.Godwin Rose Samuel
Mrs.C.Sankari Computer Science Engineering 2012-2017
Second Price Lime based solution for control of SOx M.Palani
Mr.P.S.Sridhar Marine Engineering 2012-2017
Second Price Anti theft system for car using microcontroller Dinesh Kumar.p
Dinesh Kumar.R.A
Mrs.R.Ponlakshmi Electronics and Communication Engineering 2012-2017
Third Prize Strength Analysis of Concrete using Coir Fibre U.Elakeya
C.D.Dinesh Kumar
Divya Bharathi.P
Mr.R.S.Muralidharan Civil Engineering 2012-2017
Third Prize Detection of spam zombies by monitoring outgoing messages using SDF N.Aishwarya Lakshmi
Mrs.K.Alice Computer Science Engineering 2012-2017

S. No Title Name of the Students Departments Batch
1.    Temperature sensor for Refrigerating chamber in a refrigerator G.deepak, K.S.Prasad, S.Vivek Pratap, M.Yuvaraj MECH 2011-12
2.        Transmission of Torque through fluid from drive end to driven end J.Manikandan, K.Revanth, S.Shantha Kumar MECH 2011-12
3.     Effect of steel wool in relation to fade and wear in a non-Asbestos disc brake pad Formulation V.Arun Kumar, A.Rajesh, A.Sivalingam, K.Siva Ganesh MECH 2011-12
4.        Residual stress analysis on welded joints P.Arun Gopal, R.Arun Pitchaimuthu, D.Raja Gnapathi, R.B.Vysakh MECH 2011-12
5.        Experimental Characteristics of mechanical vibration in wind Turbine M.Ajay Ranganathan, K.Chentil Kumar, K.Narayana Sharma, S.Praveen Kumar MECH 2011-12
6.        Design & Fabrication of Pyrolysis reactor P.Vishnu Prasad, J.Sujay, V.Vijay Krishna, S.Gunasekar MECH 2011-12
7.        Design and Fabrication of Multiuse Spanner P.Pio, Pramesh Kumar Mohan, Thiru Gowtham .T, Edwin .P MECH 2012-13
8.        Design and Fabrication of Wind Mill V.Gowtham, M.Gurumoorthy, P.V.Karthick, G.Jayaprakash MECH 2012-13
9.        Production of Biofuel from waste polythene Bag R.Sakthivel, S.Thava Kumar, B.Rakesh, R.G.Vignesh MECH 2012-13
10.    Study the characteristics of solar panel at various time Madhan Kumar.R, Naveen Ragul.B, Sathish Kumar.S MECH 2012-13
11.    Residual stress analysis on steel Rolling forming process by Coercitivity method Kumaresh.R, Dinesh Kumar.S, Shameema Begum.A MECH 2012-13
12.    Analysis in pipe bend by using Abaqus Gokulraj.D, Kumaresan.S, Vasanth.M MECH 2012-13
13.    Production of Bio fuel from waste engine oil by using exhaust gas Abinandhan.P.M, Gokulraj.K, Karthick.S MECH 2012-13
14.    Foot step power generation Karthik.K, Rajesh Kumar.V, Ravichandran.R, Vijay Shankar.K MECH 2012-13
15.    Design and fabrication of vehicle for handicapped person Prakash.V, Rexsilvester.A, Naveen Prakash.V, Navin Bala.V MECH 2012-13
16.    Noise reduction in diesel engine(TVS) Thilagavel Raj.J, Danushkumar.S, Lakshmi Gandh.P Thamaraiselvan.M MECH 2012-13
17.    Design and fabrication of solar water heater using Phase Change Material Karthik.V, Prabu.V, Sujai.V, Baskar.K MECH 2012-13
18.    Design and fabrication of solar cooker using Phase Change Material Balakrishnan.S, Gowdamanan.K, Karthick.P, Sathiyamoorthi.V MECH 2012-13
19.    Power generation using Wind Turbine in automobile Babu.M, Prithiviraj.T, Vignesh.R MECH 2012-13
20.    Production of fuel from waste plastics Vignesh.R.G, Sakthivel.R, Thava Kumar.S, Rakesh.B MECH 2012-13
21.    Flat plate heat exchanger Balakumaran.S, Prakash.M, Rajesh.S, Sharath kumar.R MECH 2012-13
22.    Recycling of plastics Arafath ali.M, Premkumar.M, Tharun kumar.S, Udayalingam.U MECH 2012-13
23.    High torque bicycle Jeeva.P, Prabhu kumar.C, Thulasi raman.V, Vimal kumar.S MECH 2012-13
24.    Design and modification of bucket excavator Arunkumar.S, Prasanth.M, Lingesh.B MECH 2012-13
25.    Solar panel Athimoolam.U, Dharmaraj.R, Nelson.A, Viswalingam.G MECH 2012-13
26.    Nox reduction in diesel engine using SCR Karthikeyan.A.M, Sathish kumar.A, Vignesh.S, Jagadeesh saravanan.S MECH 2012-13
27.    Wind energy Suresh.K, Ramprasad.R.V MECH 2012-13
28.    Bus Reservation and Seat availability Tracking System using GPS and GSM G.Hari Krishnan, Keerthivasan ECE 2011-12
29.    Detection Based on DIP buzzer circuit V.Nithya, D.Nivethitha ECE 2011-12
30.    Home Frequency management system using Zigbee R.Dhandapani, G.Sabarinath ECE 2011-12
31.    Automation of ratio products distribution system S.Arunchandra Pratab, Vinoth Kumar ECE 2011-12
32.    Target tracking and Pattern analyzing robot based on self adapting luminance photometry M.Karthikeyan, N.Mohana Krishnan ECE 2011-12
33.    Automatic Irrigation water waving control system based on Zigbee I.Amala Nancy, G.Jenifer Ruth ECE 2011-12
34.    Antitheft System in Car using 8051 Microcontroller Dinesh Kumar.P, Dinesh Kumar.R.A ECE 2012-13
35.    Automated Wheelers for Disable with Best Comfort Manikandan.M, Mohammed Yaser Hussain.L ECE 2012-13
36.    Real Time Tracking System (RTTS) Gopinath.R, Prasanna Balaji.M ECE 2012-13
37.    VLSI Implementation of Real Time Image Segmentation using Gradient Approach on FPGA Kalpana.K, Renuga.C ECE 2012-13
38.    Continuous Respiration Rate Monitoring by Non Contact Vital Signs Sensor using Antenna Kavitha.D, Lakshmipriya.S.P ECE 2012-13
39.    Automated Solar Pesticide Sprayer Suganya.M, Varsha.C.K ECE 2012-13
40.    Surveillance Incorporated Hovercraft for Military Vigneshwaran.V, Moses Edwin Vinoth.R ECE 2012-13
41.    The Real Time Implementation of Automated Brain Monitoring Using GSM Module Ruban Kumar.T, Madhan Kumar.M.K, Sathish Kumar.R ECE 2012-13
42.    Human Health Monitoring via Wireless Sensors Dhivya.M, Divya.P ECE 2012-13
43.    Helmet Detection and Cruise Control for two Wheelers Naresh.V, Naveenkumar.P ECE 2012-13
44.    Effective video surveillance and automated alerting system using android smart phones A.Rajasimman, Vasand Kumar CSE 2011-12
45.    Visual cryptography using two factor biometric systems for trust worthy authentication M.Natarajan, N.Premannd CSE 2011-12
46.    Nymble : Blocking misbehaving users in anonym zing networks Sasikala, G.Revathi CSE 2011-12
47.    Low cost and reliable mutual anonymity protocols in peer to peer Networks S.Archana, S.Mohanapriya CSE 2011-12
48.    Android based user authority administrator modules Aasha Sehrawat, Kushbhu Maurya CSE 2011-12
49.    Hands Free Voice Communication Technology for TV Channels M.Harinath, S.Duraipandi, P.Janakiraman CSE 2012-13
50.    Detection of Spam Zombies Monitoring outgoing Messages Using Technique N.Aishwarya Lakshmi, V.Akila CSE 2012-13
51.    Tracking of Lost Mobile Using GPS-IMEIAplication For public service S.Chandra Kumar, V.Harish, S.Mahesh kumar CSE 2012-13
52.    Multi Account Embedded ATM Card R.Gokul, W.Godmin Rose Samuel, M.Arul CSE 2012-13
53.    Electronic Mail Based Student Attendance Tracking Using RFID B.Prabhu Dhanuskodi, S.Prasanth, R.Rakshith CSE 2012-13
54.    Lab Automation Using ANDROID TABLET V.Vignesh, D.Valliraj, P.Ramachandra Pandian CSE 2012-13
55.    Human Action Recognition In Dynamic Background Using DYNAMIC PROTOTYPE L.N.Priya, M.Vannila CSE 2012-13
56.    File and Database Integrated Database Transformation P.R.Sudharshan, V.Pradeeep, R.Saravana Kumar CSE 2012-13
57.    Tracking of Vehicles Using GRFID and Payment through Mobile P.Punithavathi, S.Sakthipriya, G.Sasikala CSE 2012-13
58.    Design of navigation rescue system using MIWI M.Karthikeyan EEE 2011-12
59.    Advance embedded system design foe mobile disabling at restricted area. K.Shiva Shankar EEE 2011-12
60.    Advance automated public bicycle sharing system G.Suseendhar EEE 2011-12
61.    Trailing system to detect adversary intrusion in borders using WSN R.Srinivasan EEE 2011-12
62.    Giving Perception Obstacle detection and movement of ROBO N.Parthiba Chakkaravarthy EEE 2011-12
63.    Finger Vein Recognition for ATM system M.Ramya EEE 2011-12
64.    Soil Stabilization using Admixtures L.Karthikeya, B.Balachandar, S.N.Arvindh CIVIL 2012-13
65.    Performance Evaluation Of Using E-Waste & Plastics In Bitumen Mix E.Prabu, C.Silambarasan, E.Thileepan, T.Benjamin Franklin CIVIL 2012-13
66.    Liquid Membrane Curing Compound N.Mothi sagul, R.Vimal raj, B.Dinesh kumar, Vinoth Kumar CIVIL 2012-13
67.    Studies on Strength Characteristics of Waste Materials in Concrete T.Abirama Chander, P.Vignesh, Joshua Moses Devakumar, R.Mahathir Mohammed CIVIL 2012-13
68.    Strength Analysis of Concrete Using Coir Fibre U.Elakeya, P.Divya bharathi, V.Jayalatha, C.D.Dinesh Kumar CIVIL 2012-13
69.    Fly Ash based Geopolymer Concrete V.Bala Krishnan, M.Gobi, B.Nava bharathi, Hari Hara Sudhan CIVIL 2012-13
70.    Partial Replacement of Cement Rise Husk Concrete K.Divya, M.Vijaya Lakshmi, S.Prakash Ambedkar, S.Mohammed Suhaimi CIVIL 2012-13
71.    Experimental Investigation on Demolished Aggregate to Replaced Oridanary Coarse Aggregate Concrete Keerthy.M.kumar, G.Naganathan, S.Pandiyan, S.Vinoth CIVIL 2012-13
72.    Strength Characteristics of Synthetic Fibre in Concrete Sachin nirmal, Senthil Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Deepan CIVIL 2012-13
73.    Strength Characteristics of Coconut Shell in Concrete K.S Hindhuja, M.P. Jeevitha rani, B.Mannikavalli, S.Subash CIVIL 2012-13
74.    Water Quality Analysis of Temple Tanks in Chennai Kannan, Kurram Basha, Siva prashanth CIVIL 2012-13
75.    Experimental Investigation in Rubberised Concrete Vinoth Kumar Kraja, Gokulakrishnan, Muhilvannan CIVIL 2012-13
76.    Study of human hair and recron fiber in concrete C Hari Prasad, R. Udhaya kumar CIVIL 2012-13
77.    Temperature Control of Settling Tank Using Phase Changing Materials S.Harikumar, V.Kartheeswaran, S.Baranirajan Marine 2012-13
78.    Behaviour of Aero disk on A Hypersonic Forebody Banu priya.V, Syed nawaz hussain.A, Vengatapathy.P AERO 2012-13
79.    Strength Analysis of Patch Repaired Composite Laminate Venkatesan.D, Karthikeyan.D, Manojs sharma AERO 2012-13

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