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GKM College of Engineering and Technology
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Veterans of R and D Cell


S. No Name Departments Area of Specialization
1.       Dr. K.P. Jaganathan MECH Metallurgical Engineering
2.        Dr. C. Chelleppan CSE Power System Engineering
3.       Dr. K. O. Joseph ECE Antenna and Microwave
4.       Dr.N.B.Geetha MECH Thermal & Energy
5.       Dr. M. Sreenivasan MECH Production
6.        Dr.V.Edwin Geo MECH Energy
7.        Dr.M..Mohana Murugan MECH IC Engine
8.        Dr.Sukumar Puhan MECH IC Engine
9.        Dr.T.Christo Michael MECH Design
10.    Dr. Raghuram Pradhan MECH CAD
11.    Dr.V.Muralidharan MECH Fault Diagnosis
12.    Dr.D.Balasubramaniam ECE Bio Medical Digital Signal Processing
13.    Dr.Umesh EEE Power Systems
14.    Dr.P.Ravi EEE Power Systems
15.    Dr.Vishnu EEE Control Systems
16.    Dr.K.Jamuna EEE Power Systems
17.    Dr. John Albino CIVIL Environmental
18.    Dr.S.P.Rajagopalan CSE Distributed Computing
19.    Dr.D.V.S.Vasan CSE Network Security
20.    Dr.M.Raju CSE Software Engineering
21.    Dr.S.Selva Kumar CSE Software Engineering
22.    Dr.R.Indira Gandhi MCA Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks
23.    Dr.G.N.K.Suresh Babu MCA Data Mining
24.    Dr.P.Raja MBA Marketing
25.    Dr.K.J. Renuga MBA HR
26.    Dr.P.Jegatheeswari MBA HR
27.    Dr.M.Michael Scudder ENG Indian Writing In English
28.    Dr.D.Sivraj MATHS Topology
29.    Dr.R.Mahalakshmi PHY Crystal Growth
30.    Dr.S. HariKrishnan Etti PHY Structural Biology, Molecular, Biology & Bio Physics
31.    Dr.Meganathan PHY Molecular Modelling & Computer Aided drug design
32.    Dr.M.Vadivelu PHY Spectrography and Biophysical studies
33.    Dr.P.Dennis Christy PHY Material Science
34.    Dr. S. Ananda Priya CHE Polymer Chemistry
35.    Dr. D.Jesudurai CHE Organometallic Chemistry & Bioinorganic Chemistry
36.    Dr. R.Sathyapriya CHE Organic Synthesis

Pursuing Ph.d

S. No Name Departments Area of Specialization
1.       Mr.M. Vijayan MECH IC Engine
2.        Mr. M.A.Sai Balaji MECH Tribology
3.        Mr. M.Adhimoolam MECH Composites
4.        Mr.J. Kamalakannan MECH IC Engine
5.        Mr.K. Arunan MECH IC Engine
6.        Mr.R. Sridhar MECH Manufacturing
7.        Mr.G.Shanmugasundar MECH Robotics(Design And Analysis Of Inspection Robot)
8.        Mr.R.S Muralidharan CIVIL Structural Concrete(development of light weight concrete)
9.        Mr.Radha Krishnan CIVIL Construction Management
10.    Mr.A.Srinivasan ECE Non Linear System Identification & Control
11.    Mrs. P. Uma ECE Digital Image Processing
12.    Mrs. N. Nirmala ECE Digital Image Processing
13.    Mr. N. Umapathi ECE Wireless Network
14.    Mr.J.P.Josh Kumar ECE Wireless Communication
15.    Ms.S.Thangalakshmi EEE High voltage Engineering
16.    Mr.S.Amirtharaj EEE Power systems
17.    Mr.S.M. Balamurugan EEE Applied Electronics
18.    Mr.P.Murali EEE Power systems
19.    Ms.X.Mercilin Raajini EEE Wireless Networks
20.    Mr.M.Babu CSE Data Mining
21.    Mrs.P.Neelaveni CSE Cloud Computing
22.    Mr.P.Selva kumar CSE Data Mining
23.    Mrs.S.Fouzal Hidhaya CSE Web Application and Internet Security
24.    Ms.C.Sankari CSE Web Services and security
25.    Ms.S.Thanga Revathi IT Distributed Computing
26.    Mr.M.Manickam IT Data Mining
27.    Ms.A.SelvaDevi IT Security
28.    Mr.K.Gurunathan IT Network Security
29.    Mr.A.Suresh Kumar AERO Aerodynamics
30.    Mr.Joseph.J.Kakksery AERO Composite
31.    Mr.k.Mohamed bak .K AERO Composite Materials using NDT
32.    Mr.V.K.Shanmuganathan AERO Aero Engine Reliability
33.    Mr .K. Sivasami Marine Marine Pollution Control
34.    Mrs .E. Jaya MCA Grid Computing
35.    Mr. E.S.K.VijayAnand MCA Cloud Computing
36.    Mr. B. Arokiaraj MBA Marketing
37.    Mr. K. Santhosekumar MBA Marketing
38.    Mr.Anand MBA HR
39.    Mr. S.I. Muththamizh Selvi ENG Afro-American Literature
40.    Mrs.N.Suguna ENG English Language Teaching
41.    Mrs.S.K.Shiyamala Devi. ENG Indian Writing In English
42.    Mr.T.Arasu Sankar MATHS Topology
43.    Ms.V. Thamaraiselvi MATHS Topology
44.    Ms. G. Sasikala MATHS Topology
45.    Mr.N. UdhayaPrakash MATHS Stochastic Process
46.    Ms. M. V. Jeyanthi MATHS Operation Research/ Inventory Control
47.    Mr.S.Kumaresan PHY Laser Technology
48.    Mrs.S.Balanagammal PHY Characterization Studies
49.    Mrs.N.Nithya PHY Characterization Studies
50.    Mrs.K.S.Resmi PHY Photonics and MEMS Fabrication
51.    Mrs.V. Dhanalakshmi Sridevi CHE Anaerobic Digestion of Vegetable Waste
52.    Mrs. R. Komalavalli CHE Nano Catalyst in Chemistry
53.    Mrs.Y.Geetha CHE Physical Chemistry
54.    Mrs.V.Sheela Violet Rani CHE Organ metallic Chemistry & Bioinorganic Chemistry
55.    Mrs. T. Mythili Moorthy CHE Organic Synthesis