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1. Consultancy on Green Buildings (Passive Method And Active Method)

2. Thermal Energy Storage

3. Consultancy on Solid Waste Management

4. Energy Auditing

5. Engine Performance Test Bed With Data Logger
  • Engine performance Pθ diagram.
  • Heat release rate.
  • Heat balance sheet.
  • Exhaust back pressure.
6.Fuels and Lubrication Test Facilities
  • Fuel oil parameters measuring
  • Flash and fire point
  • Calorific value
  • Vapour pressure
  • Cloud and pour point
  • Copper residua
  • Fuel distillation
7.Fuel Oil Lubrication
  • Viscosity test
  • Penetration test
  • Drop point test
8.Computational Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Analysis Using Ancys CFX.

9.Testing of Composite Materials.

10.Cutting Tool Paramenter Analysis.

11.Digital Signal Processing.

12.Antena Design.

13.Medical Elctronics Design.

14.Thermal Barrier of Coating.

15.Reliability of The Aero Engine Systems.

16.Ramjet Engines Test Bed.

17.Supersonic Tunnel-Theoretical And Experimental.

18. To Prepare the Questionnaire, Interview Schedule and Data Collection for Market and Marketing Research.

19. To Give the Corporate Training Programme for Workers / Employees.